Multi-site Business? Deploy Voice in the Cloud, On-site or Leverage Both Models

Guest post by Jeff Nolte, President of Chesapeake Telephone Systems in Millersville, Maryland. He can be reached at 410-850-4848 or

Phone systems have traditionally been deployed on-site, but the lure of the Cloud is strong.  Many multi-site businesses like a combination of both – deploying an on-site system at headquarters and Cloud systems for the branch offices.  IP networking enables all sites to be connected, providing a simplified dialing plan, consistent features, and centralized management.


There are many reasons why on-site phone systems are still a favorite.

  • Control – Many companies have a long history of buying and managing their own IT systems. If you like the control of running technology in-house, then an on-site UC system is for you.
  •  Functionality – If you need to take advantage of customized features, require integration with other applications, or want advanced call-center capabilities, an on-site solution delivers more flexibility.
  •  Compliance Requirements – If your organization strives for uninterrupted communications or is under strict regulatory requirements, an on-site system may be the best fit.
  •  Expense Strategy – If you prefer to make capital investments for infrastructure and depreciate the costs over time, an on-site UC system can be cheaper over the long haul.


Cloud UC can be a good fit for small to mid-sized businesses or an enterprise with smaller, remote offices.

  •  Predictable Costs – Cloud-based UC eliminates the need for upfront investment. Costs become operational expenses and are predictable as they are based on the number of users.
  •  Rapid Deployment – You don’t need an IT staff to buy, install and configure your system, servers and storage. Order only the capabilities you need now.
  •  Simplicity – With Voice-as-a-service, maintenance and support are simplified and upgrades are automatic.
  •  Pay as you Grow – Whether your business is growing or needs to scale down in a pinch, a cloud service can adapt. You can fulfill peak demand for functions like a conference, or for temporary deployments.

 You Choose

Today you have the flexibility of deploying Business Communications either on-site or in the cloud – or combining both as a hybrid to exploit the best of both worlds.

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