Book Review – “Hunting in a Farmer’s World”

John Dini has been at this game for quite some time.  His book, “Hunting in a Farmer’s World” is an insightful discussion of why business owners are so often different from the people that work for them.  I was attracted to the title for multiple reasons.  On the first order, I’m a business owner and am always interested in how the minds’ of other business owners work.  Secondly, the celebration of the entrepreneur is a fascinating topic on its own, and thirdly, I grew up on a farm!  It was the trifecta!

Dini takes a classic business paradoxes (leadership vs. management) and weaves the story for how entrepreneurs are most successful.  He breaks down what so many entrepreneurs find so intriguing about their career choice (hunting) and then paints a picture of how they should manage their way to success.

Those of you that are considering starting your own business will benefit from the roadmap as well as the seemingly hundreds of stories and anecdotes Dini has accumulated over the years of coaching and facilitating executive peer boards.  Old hands will find valuable the solid advice on selling and sales management, hiring and building infrastructure (those nasty management constructs!).

John Dini’s book is timely, well thought out and eminently readable.  A great read for an aspiring entrepreneur, a business owner in the thick of operating or one ready to cash in her chips.

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