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Guest post by Jeff Nolte, President of Chesapeake Telephone Systems in Millersville, Maryland. He can be reached at 410-850-4848 or

Broadcast Important Notifications to Phones, Email and Social Media

Whether you need to issue weather closings, emergency alerts and warnings, broadcast news and updates, or ensure the continuity of school or business operations, every organization needs a fast, reliable delivery system to reach all the right people in the shortest amount of time.

Through a simple interface, you can reach thousands of people across multiple communications channels.  With one action – via the web, mobile or phone – non-technical administrators are able to instantly send custom or predefined alerts as text messages, emails, and Facebook and Twitter posts.  Alerts can also be delivered to web pages, phones, paging systems, two-way handsets, overhead speakers, and computer desktops.  Some of the common broadcast applications include:

K-12 Schools – School administrators face shrinking budgets and increased safety concerns.  An automated notification system improves sharing of critical information between administration, staff and parents, while lowering administrative burden.

Healthcare – Lower emergency response time and reduce miscommunication in critical situations by automating the sending of notices and reminders to patients.  Targeted paging helps to preserve a quiet hospital atmosphere.

Retail – Improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and increase brand loyalty by streamlining accountability, escalation and closure of critical tasks and customer impacting issues.  Your team can respond faster to things that matter most to your customers.

Other Industries – Ensure a better service experience through automated, interactive and proactive notifications to customers in many other industries, including food services, utilities, service providers, financial services, and more.

With today’s broadcast notification systems – standalone or integrated with your current phone system – reaching hundreds or thousands of people with your important messages has never been easier!

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