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Martin O’Neill, Principal with Corsum Consulting has spoken with wide audiences on the topics of Building Value, Leadership Development, Business Transformation and Building an Ownership Culture. Click here to download Marty’s speaker flyer.

Martin works with conference organizers to deliver keynote speeches and run half or full day seminars. To learn more or book Martin for a seminar click here.

How Your Business Will Prosper When Everyone Acts Like an Owner

Imagine if everyone in your business knew how the company operated and entrepreneurial employees were rewarded for being stewards of the business. Imagine if the workplace culture empowered employees to build a bigger and better business. That’s the power of an internal franchise. In the current business environment, a great product or service is no longer enough. Today, success or failure is determined by how well an organization can align, inspire, and mobilize people around its strategy.

Filled with real-world examples and endorsed by many business experts, the “How Your Business Will Prosper When Everyone Acts Like an Owner” seminar keynote shows how to clearly define your business’s operating model and teach it to your entire workforce so that the business is run by engaged, entrepreneurial employees. Studies show that in companies where employees felt they had the opportunity and tools to do their best and believed their fellow employees were also committed to quality, profitability was 12 percent higher than in those companies whose employee attitudes were found lacking.

Building Business Value – How to Build Premium Value in Your Middle Market Company

Building Business Value will help leaders understand just exactly what drives value in their company and most importantly, how to go about building a consensus on the steps to take to make their vision a reality. Martin O’Neill has written the first guide for business leaders to build greater value in their companies. CEO’s of midsized companies will use Building Business Value as a hands-on guide for systematically building the value they always dreamed of.

Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

Developing the Next Generation of Leaders is one of the primary responsibilities of any organization. But 67% of companies said they needed to entirely revamp their middle manager development program and only 15% of North American companies felt they had enough qualified successors in the pipeline for their key leadership positions. Worse still, 48% of CxO’s say their direct reports do not have the skills to assume greater leadership roles and 50% of CxO’s in waiting say they have little or no access to leadership training.

During this keynote, we’ll explore the best practices around leadership development. Argue that leadership development depends just as much on practicing and changing one’s mind about the potential for leadership as it does on learning new concepts.

Finally, we’ll present a model for deepening a company’s commitment to their next generation of leaders with an adult learning model that help middle level managers lead their team, lead their clients and builds their businesses.

Over the past 11 years, Martin O’Neill has led speaking events for organizations of all sizes. View testimonials from Martin’s previous speaking events here.

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