Developing the Next Generation of Leaders

Your long-term business success is dependent upon the development of your next generation leaders. Why leave it to chance? Developing the next generation of leaders is one of the primary responsibilities of an organization.

Staff Leadership – Participants will discover how to find, hire and develop engaged, entrepreneurial employees. They will learn the practices of leadership and uncover the tools and techniques for building high performing teams.

  • Leading Change
  • Leading Teams
  • Developing a Culture of Ownership
  • How to Find and Keep Engaged Employees

Client Leadership – Each member will understand the critical importance and the techniques involved in developing a trusted advisor relationship with each of your company stakeholders.

  • Becoming a Trusted Advisor
  • Leading Stakeholders
  • Handling Difficult Clients
  • Getting Your Point Across and Making it Stick

Growing the Business – The successful leader must also know how to serve current customers and build a sustainable business. The program enhances customer intimacy while extending and expanding the business base.

  • Customer Touch Points
  • Connecting – Building Relationships
  • Extending and Expanding Business
  • Becoming an Effective Speaker

The NGL program is fantastic! It is a perfect way to foster a management mentoring program for my team. Members of my company take the class and each month we review what they learn. It is getting everyone involved thinking about how we can not only be better managers, but better leaders. It is easy to follow, reinforces concepts and uses real life examples. Overall it has completely improved the mentality of the future leaders of my company. It has been great for teaching and for team building.

Anna W. Gavin, President

Fireline Corporation

WHY DO WE need leadership? Why do we need a management team? What value do they provide the organization? The truth is we would really have no need for management or anyone in a leadership position if we could only be assured there would be no more change. However, change is a constant, so every organization needs strong leadership to create a vision or establish a direction and then align the organization with that direction. Organizations that can develop leaders prepared to deal with and lead change will prosper. Those that don’t will rise and fall with market trends and eventually fade away.

Next Generation Leaders is a 12-course program developed by business leader, speaker, author and consultant – Martin O’Neill. The Next Generation Leaders program is designed for team leaders, project and program managers, new and future leaders, division managers, and anyone who has an interest in growing their leadership skills.


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