Boost Your Knowledge – Enhance Your Skill Set

Whether your goal is to become a more effective speaker or to hire and keep bright, entrepreneurial employees, the following business development seminars will provide you with the tools and foundation to lead and communicate better.

Spend half a day building your knowledge on one topic, or combine topics for a full-day retreat.


These six seminars will help you to be the best leader you can be in order to build a better, stronger business.

  • Leading Change – In this seminar, leaders will be challenged to evaluate their own projects and tasks as well as learn eight steps to make changes stick.
  • Leading Teams – Position your team for success and guide your team’s performance to be ahead of the curve. This seminar will teach you about team dynamics and leadership best practices.
  • Building a Culture of Ownership – Learn to build trust and bring everyone on board as a steward of the business. Employ the TRUST mnemonic and identify trust strategies in this seminar.
  • Finding and Keeping Engaged Entrepreneurial Employees – Every leader wants great employees. Learn to create a work environment that will attract and retain talent.
  • Becoming a Trusted Advisor – Do your clients see you as a trusted advisor? Learn how to build a trusted relationship.
  • Stakeholder Leadership – Learn who your stakeholders are and become familiar with their needs and wants.


Effective communication is at the root of a successful, growing business. These six seminars will provide you with the tools to successfully communicate with all of your stakeholders.

  • Getting Your Point Across and Making it Stick – Follow the SUCCESS formula as you learn to cleanly and effectively communicate with your team.
  • Extending and Expanding Your Values – Learn to build trusted relationships and leverage successful customer interactions to grow your business and expand your customer footprint.
  • Becoming an Effective Speaker – Learn the formula for asking the right questions, sharing the right amount of information and moving your stakeholders to take action.
  • Handling Difficult Behavior – Diagnose difficult behavior and organizational challenges and then learn techniques to best handle those situations.
  • Customer Touch Points – Every touch with a prospect or customer can impact the relationship. Learn to identify customer touch points and establish an action plan to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Connecting and Building Relationships – Learn to communicate effectively, nurture relationships and grow your social circles by leveraging your connections and networking skills.

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