Strategic Value Building

Strategic Value Building is an intense planning process designed to establish a clear direction and create alignment among the company’s leadership. The lack of a clear, concise, and actionable direction often leaves company leadership rudderless. Our four step process will create three transformational, strategic initiatives based on your current situation, the market conditions, and your long range objectives. When executed, each initiative will move your company in the right direction.

  • Step One – Orients the leadership team to the process and establishes clear expectations, outputs, and outcomes.
  • Step Two – Requires each participant to prepare for the offsite planning meetings. Every participant will complete exercises on critical success factors and corporate value drivers.
  • Step Three – Brings to life the company’s strategy in a one-day facilitated offsite.
    A full day of direction and strategy development will result in three strategic and transformational initiatives.
  • Step Four – Validates the results of the offsite and begins a process of strategy execution.


Martin O’Neill has facilitated over 100 board level meetings and planning sessions with
companies such as Boeing, Johnson Controls, Oracle and Northrup Grumman, academic institutions such as the University of Maryland as well as large public sector
organizations, industry associations and middle market privately held companies.


Martin O’Neill serves as Principal of The Alternative Board – BWI. TAB’s business owner advisory boards provide a safe, confidential environment in which business owners from a variety of industries meet to provide additional perspective and spur new ways of doing business. For more information, click here.

Timeless Principles of Exceptional BusinessesMartin spends each and every day working with business owners and leaders of small and mid market companies. He’s always looking for resources they can use to help them, help themselves build better businesses. Not all business owners can sit down and read an entire book on sales, marketing, motivation, culture or business models, but they can read a 7 or 8 page chapter on one of these principles.  Martin happens to be a member of the TAB organization, and one of the contributing authors of this book, so he does have a bias, but felt strongly enough to buy a copy of “Timeless Principles of Exceptional Businesses” for each of his clients. “The aggregate wisdom in these 25 principles represents the knowledge of hundreds of years of business leaders who have been in the trenches and have the stars and scars to prove it. If you are leader in a small to mid market company and feel you could benefit from those that have gone before you – pick up this book.” – Martin O’Neill