Who Else Wants Employees with an Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Everyone should want to have a workforce filled with employees exhibiting the  entrepreneurial spirit. Right?

The first question you should be asking is how do you change your hiring process to screen for prospective employees with an entrepreneurial spirit?

Think in terms of hiring people with the same kinds of attributes that the most successful people in your company already exhibit.  I’m guessing they are entrepreneurial attributes.  So first make a fast assessment … will they fit or not into your organization. Then assess whether they can learn, execute and teach your operating model.  By the way, make sure a good percentage can also challenge and improve the model.  Finally, educate the candidate to your culture and make sure it’s a long term fit.

Another question to ask yourself is what are the entrepreneurial beliefs that prospective employees should have?

First, there is a belief in the leader or the leadership.  A belief in the purpose of the company.  A belief that your operating model makes sense and can work.  Also a belief in their ability to act (to be empowered) and finally they have to have a belief in the reward.  That what is good for them is good for the company and what is good for the company will somehow be good for them.

When you start screening new hires for the entrepreneurial spirit and can prove to yourself that employees have entrepreneurial beliefs, you are on your way to filling your ranks with entrepreneurial employees.

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