Building Trust in an Organization

Everyone wants to be trusted.  Leaders want to know they have the trust of their organization.  So what are a few first steps for leaders to consider when building trust in the organization?  Think about using the mnemonicTRUST as a guide.

The first T is to become a teacher … teach as many people as you can (and make sure you teach the ‘cultural influencers’) just how the business works.

R is for creating reward systems that are aligned with the cultural attributes you are promoting.  Make sure your reward systems are aligned with behaviors and ideals you value and they all align to business results.

U is for unconditional support.  You have to allow people to try things … to make mistakes.

S is for sharing information.  If it’s not the secret to Coke or Pepsi OR personal information, you should be sharing key facts about the business with those you intend to empower with decision making abilities.

Finally the last T …. Be trustworthy yourself … make and keep commitments!

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