Lotto Guns Ammo Beer

On the tail end of our vacation last week, we left the Grand Canyon North Rim and headed back toward southern Utah.  On our travels we of course saw fabulous natural sites but the store sign that caught our eyes on the last leg of the trip was one on Highway 89, just outside the tiny desert town of Fredonia, Arizona.  The sign said “Lotto Guns Ammo Beer”.

No Madison Avenue spin here.  No made up name in order to register a URL.  Nothing but the basics for their target market. On entering the road-side gas station, the guns and ammo were readily apparent, the cooler was full of beer and you could easily purchase your lottery tickets at the counter.  Although the sign was a bit shocking from the road, we gladly stopped and shopped.  We needed gas and although we passed on the guns, ammo, lotto and beer, we did pick up a few munchies and drinks for the trip.

The next time you travel through any industrial district, any commercial setting, mall, web or business center, look at the names of the companies.  Look at their signage.  Do they help or hinder sales?  Can you tell what they do?  Does it matter?  What’s in a name anyway?  The friendly folks at Judd’s Auto Service in Fredonia, Arizona seem to be ahead of most of us in this matter.  Just the basics … Lotto Guns Ammo Beer!

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