Can You Afford to Alienate 8% of Your Market?

For the sake of this argument, let’s just say that everyone who interviews for a role or position in your company has some connection to your market.  They’ve either been a supplier, subcontractor, customer, admirer, or are separated from your company by one or two degrees.

What if I told you that for every 100 people you interview, on average, 8 of those folks will make a conscience decision to never do business with you!  Whoa … you and your company could be ticking people off and never even know it!

According to an excellent new study from the Talent Board, a non-profit organization founded by human-resources consultants to study and improve recruitment, that is just the risk most companies are running.

In their survey, negative comments far outweighed positive comments among the 12,000 candidates who participated.  In a recap of the survey in the Wall Street Journal, Lauren Weber writes that one of the most startling findings was that 8% of candidates come away with enough anger or resentment from their application experience, that they it may affect their relationship with the company.  Worse yet, these 8% certainly won’t keep this experience to themselves so could this number really be 16% or more?  Wow … 16% of the market hates your guys and you have no clue!

The survey is certainly worth a quick scan by executives and hiring managers and a more detailed look by anyone in the recruiting or human resources fields.

First impressions really are lasting!

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