What if you lost 25% of your business today?

One of the seminars our firm has developed is called “Connecting.”  It is part of our Next Generation Leaderprogram (sorry for the shameless plug but I want to make a point).  In the seminar, participants are asked to simulate loosing a “chunk” of their business and then by using their personal network only, rebuild their business in a matter of weeks.  Could you do that?

How well connected are you?  According to LinkedIn, I am three degrees away from 6.1M professionals!  But could I reach out to those 6.1M people in my time of stress?  Hardly.

At the Mobile World Congress 2012, Ericsson produced a video asking participants “How will being connected to everything and everyone change your life?”  Most folks seemed to focus on the inevitability rather than the benefit.

The business benefit of a great network and being well connected is in the opportunity it brings for everyone involved.  Whether it is more business, replacement business, innovation or risk reduction, every leader has the responsibility to build their personal network.

Ok, be honest, if you lost a “chunk” of your business today, could you use your network to rebuild your business in weeks?

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