Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

Take a look at twenty-five mistakes that business leaders make that almost ensure a subpar business valuation. How many apply to you or your business? There is a test at the end, so pay attention.

1. Do you have great financial advisors?

2. Is your business plan based on reality?

3. Is your ego in check?

4. Have you fallen into the ‘success’ trap?

5. Do you still have fire in your belly?

6. Do you fully benefit from the advice of your board?

7. Is your focus on value and not revenue?

8. Have you had honest discussions on exit planning?

9. Can you manage conflict on your team?

10. Can you take vacations with relative ease?

11. Does everyone who matters know your strategy?

12. Do you think beyond monthly and quarterly results?

13. Are you an S-Corp?

14. Are your banking relationships strong?

15. Would you hire your entire leadership team again?

16. Does your sales model match your product line?

17. Do you dominate your niche?

18. Do you know your competitors?

19. Can you hire outside your personal competency?

20. Is your leadership team aligned to company values?

21. Is your customer base single threaded?

22. Can you build a much larger organization?

23. Do you have capital to grow?

24. Can your company scale?

25. Can your company make big changes if needed?

How did you make out? Total your yes answers. If you answered yes
23-25 times,  you’re probably in the top tenth of 1 percent of leaders.
20-22 times,  you’re good to go.
16-19 times,  take this quiz again-and be honest with yourself.
12-15 times,  you’re one of the gang – time to do your homework.
0-12 times,  you’re just like the rest of us – better get some help.

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