Closing an Interview with the FlipVideo

Not every company is fortunate enough to be doing a lot of interviewing these days but there are a couple of midmarket companies that have decided to set themselves apart when closing a candidate.

Image you’re a candidate for a key position in an attractive company.  You’ve just gone through the interview gauntlet and on your way home you notice an email on your Blackberry or iPhone and you decide to check it out.  To your surprise, it’s a video email from the CEO of the company you just left.  She addresses you by name, references the staff you interviewed with and lets you know they plan on making a hiring decision right away.  How would you feel?  Would you be a bit more inclined to accept an offer from that company?

It is actually a relatively simple addition to any recruiting and interviewing process.  Just prepare a short script for the CEO and set your FlipVideo for a 10-20 second snippet.

– Make it personal … add the names of the candidate and whom they saw in the interview.
– Make it relevant … talk about the position and the candidates background.
– Make it quick … post the video before the buzz of the interview wears off.

Don’t get carried away with production.  We’re all used to YouTube quality these days and the idea, like most things on the web, is to be personal and relevant.

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