What’s Your Passion?

When was the last time you left a meeting saying to yourself, “that person is definitely passionate about what they do.”  If you are struggling with any recent recollections, you may have also fallen into the same milk toast, vanilla pudding quagmire yourself!

What do you feel passionate about in your company?  Ask yourself what aspect of your mission you feel deeply about.  What’s at stake? What results do you want your service or product or company to produce? Who will benefit?

Begin to focus not on what you want to say, but on why you’re speaking in the first place and how you feel about it. (I once listened to a speech by a CTO who said the difference between his firm and all the other tech firms in the market was the passion with which his firm delivered its services—and he said it with passion! I was convinced!)

Passion moves people to action.  Passion is the glue that connects the emotion of a problem with the action to make something happen.  Passion gives life to the unengaged and purpose to the wandering masses.

Find your passion and you’ll find your voice!

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