What Might Matthew Kelly Say About Urban Meyer?

Off Balance: Getting Beyond the Work-Life Balance Myth to Personal
and Professional Satisfaction

by Matthew Kelly

Matthew Kelly gets it! After listening to Urban Meyer, the new Ohio State football coach talk about his lack of balance during his tenure at the University of Florida, I was reminded of howMatthew Kelly’s new book, “Off Balance” blows up the myth of work-life balance. Kelly asks us to dig deep and consider what really satisfies us. Be prepared to ask yourself tough cultural questions. Am I overly concerned about “what’s in it for me”? Do I confuse pleasure with happiness? Do I even know the difference? Do I do the minimum amount of work to just get by? I especially like how Kelly addresses life. It’s not segmented into work, family, sports, fitness, spiritual, financial, etc …. life is life. The more we learn how to get beyond the balance myth, the better off, and more satisfying, our lives will be. “Off Balance” is a great book to add to your 2012 reading list!

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