The “Process” of Building Business Value

Virtually every midmarket leader I know is a great doer.  They may have made their mark in business by being a great engineer, sales person, designer or consultant.  At some point in their business life they were probably recognized as being a leader in their field.

But virtually every midmarket company I know that has not found a way to leverage the competencies, skills and qualities of these doers begins to flounder and places an artificial cap on their potential business value.

Not many of us get very excited when we begin to talk about process, but if implemented with thought and foresight, business processes can build more business value than all the doers combined.

The trick is thinking through the process creation and implementation.

Identify the areas of your business that should work like clockwork for your company to become a market leader.  Whether its product development, sales, service delivery, recruiting, financial management or business development, identify the key areas of your business.

Building process allows you to build capacity and ensures quality along the way.  Your doers and heroes will be free to open new markets, discover new ways of delivering your service and inventing new products.

Doesn’t that sound better than continually reinventing the wheel each time you face what should be a routine business issue?10

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