Managing Thought

Mary Lore is a thankful person. Having risen through the corporate ranks and graced the cover of an industry magazine, she came crashing down after a number of personal and professional setbacks. What lead Mary through these huge roadblocks was her ability to Manage her Thoughts and she is very thankful for that ability.

In her book, Managing Thought, Mary leads the reader through a journey of learning to look at your thoughts and managing them just as you would any other resource. Are your thoughts powerful and helpful as you wind your way toward your goals or are they negative and holding you back? Lore’s book gives readers a series of tools and exercises that, if you are disciplined, will help you look at your thoughts in a profound new way.

The tools will help you practice developing powerful word triggers, reject negative and weak thoughts and position you for more fulfilling relationships. I’ll leave you with one of her exercises; try to eliminate the use of the word ‘but’ and replace it with ‘and’ – you’ll be amazed at the difference!

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