Defending the Free Market

We’ve all had conversations with friends and colleagues on the Occupy Movement.  You may have even whined about how much oil companies make while you’re filling up your car.  I’m guessing most of us have also discussed the best way to support the unemployed and those in need of charity.  Robert Siricostarts with the basics.  He takes the reader though a primer on freedom, the history of free markets and the role morality plays in our view of free markets.  Make no mistake, the author pulls no punches on his view of the welfare state, how charity should work and the necessity of profits in business.  If you’ve just left your Occupy Movement tent, I’m sure you’ll find this book cold and heartless.  If you’re running a business and have put some thought into how profitable business and free markets can continue to lift the state of mankind, this book is for you.

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