Committing To The Process

Most people don’t do anything of consequence unless they feel emotionally connected to the process. They don’t get married, buy a car, take a job, run a marathon, have a child, or do anything of importance without first having an emotional commitment to the process.

Here is a traditional story about commitment. Think about how you can emotionally connect to a new project to make big things happen.

One morning, a debate broke out on a farm. The debate was raised between a hen and a pig. The topic of the debate was “Involvement Is Equal to Commitment.” The hen argued, “If someone is willing to get involved, that means he is ready to commit.”

The pig said, “No, I don’t think so. Getting involved is far from ready to commit.”

As they were arguing and it seemed no one could totally convince the other, they heard the voice of the farmer’s wife, “Honey, what would you like for your breakfast? Ham, or egg?”

The farmer replied, “I prefer ham.”

Then the pig told the hen, “You see, when you lay an egg, you are involved in the breakfast. But when Farmer Jones and his wife have ham and eggs for breakfast, I am committed.”

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