What the Plus!

I’ve always felt honored to be a part of Alltop, Guy Kawasaki’s aggregate site for tons of great content.  One of the perks is getting the chance to review Guy’s latest book, “What the Plus! Google+ For the Rest of Us”.

I received an e-mail from Guy about a day after my 17 year old son told me that Facebook was dying! Imagine that!  His reasoning was that last year on his birthday, this socially connected teenager received something like twice the notifications he did this year on his birthday.  When he showed me the video of theInvisible Children organization and then said Twitter is “blowing up” on Kony 2012, it seemed to reinforce his feelings that in his world, the social media landscape was changing.  Twitter had whipped Facebook in the teenager market, so what would be next.

So that bring us to Google+.  I was a bit reluctant to even read this 120 page e-book since I’m not currently using Google+.  As a note of full disclosure, most of my social networking attention is on LinkedIn and blogging.  Guy indicates in his book that he dedicates about 2 hours a day to Google+ …  I respect him for that, but I can’t imaging duplicating his efforts.

So what is the value of Kawasaki’s new book?  First of all, given Guy’s chops as a technology evangelist, it deserves attention. Secondly, many of us are trying to figure out the best way to use our time wisely and Guy presents page after page of useful hints for shaping your social media presence.  He even has guest authors present best practices and gives you both the reason for doing something and the specific steps on how to make it happen.  Google+ is a late entry into this world but it seems to have everything you need (especially a marketing person) to create your desired online presence as well as effectively communicate with your circles.

“What the Plus! Google+ For the Rest of Us” is not going to appeal to socially connected teenagers since they’ve got the time to spend hours on the nuances of the tool, but it does speak to their slightly less hip parents who are wondering if they should invest the time and effort into another social media tool.

Guy is making a strong bet that Google+ will be a killer!

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