What are You Filling Your Mind With?

Last week I was in Miami and spent some time with a group of Investment Bankers attending the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts (NACVA).  I had just posted a blog on the importance of cultivating an “abundance mentality” when  I had a conversation with a banker from Chicago.  Charles Andrews is the Managing Director of The McLean Group’s Chicago office and one of the most well read business people I know.

Chuck volunteered that he always kept two magazines in his brief case.  One was the “The Atlantic” and the other was “Inc.”  Chuck always wants to stay in the know and he is interested in more than just sound bites on today’s major business and world news.  But he suggested that a periodical diet heavy in editorials and op ed pieces on today’s headlines will leave you lethargic and depressed.

The anecdote for the abject dreariness of “The Atlantic” headlines, according to Chuck, was “Inc” magazine.  He argued that “Inc” was filled with positive stories of innovation, turn-around ventures and entrepreneurs living the American dream while the headlines of the “The Atlantic” made you want to hit the snooze button, stick your head under the covers and call in sick!

I was not quiet convinced so I put my crack team of researchers on the job of finding out what periodical was more prone to get your juices flowing.  I’ll let you be the “decider!”  These are the topical headlines for the business section of the June 7th publication of “The Atlantic”

The Case Against More Stimulus

Hey Americans, How’s That Massive Debt Coming Along?

Can You Guess How Many Studies Financial Reform Requires?

Death by Regulation

Hungary Says It’s Books Were Cooked

Wow, hand me my 16-guage Martha!  Not exactly motivating copy!  Lets see how “Inc” looks at the world.

Is Chile the Next Silicon Valley?

Mastering Your Elevator Pitch

4 New Killer Sales Apps

Wal-Mart Gets Creative on Employee Retention

The Best Industries for Starting a Business

Chuck may have a point.

Now I know this is an apples to oranges comparison but the point of the discussion is that you have to balance your diet.  If you live on a diet of “The Atlantic”, Fox News and the “Wall Street Journal” you may begin to think Chicken Little was right!  On the flip side, entrepreneurial optimism is both the greatest asset and one of the biggest faults for any CEO.

Perhaps Aristotle, St. Ignatius of Loyola and Benjamin Franklin were right!  Everything in moderation!

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