The Self-Aware Leader
Observation Baltimore's CEO Barbara Gassaway

Barbara Gassaway loves a good challenge. As part of our Next Generation Leaders video interview series, Observation Baltimore’s President and CEO, Barbara Gassaway, shares her thoughts on leadership, the imperative for innovation in order to be successful and the value in becoming an active listener. Barbara and her team take great pride in creating a special environment for research to thrive. At their focus group facility in Maryland, they offer precise recruiting of consumers, physicians, health care professionals and business professionals. Through Barbara’s leadership and her pursuit of excellence in market research, Observation Baltimore has repeatedly been rated as “One of the World’s Best” focus group facilities.

As you listen to my conversation with Barbara, consider her leadership concept of being self-aware. Barbara says that all great leaders have a self-awareness that shapes their approach and communications style – and as a result, impact the performance of their organizations. Barbara encourages her team to challenge her with an objective to continue to improve and innovate. For more information about how you can grow your company’s Next Generation of Leaders through leadership training, click here.

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