Three Benefits of Developing a Leading Change Competency

In 2008 Barack Obama’s presidential campaign had the slogan “Change We Can Believe In.”  This turned out to be a winner.  In 2016, the democratic front runner Hillary Clinton’s slogan is “Everyday Americans need a champion.  I want to be that champion.”  Republican Carly Fiorina’s slogan is “New Possibilities.  Real Leadership.”  Poll leader, Donald Trump’s slogan is “Make America Great Again.”  Each of these slogans, and the slogans of virtually all of the 2016 presidential candidates implies a need for change.  New leadership teams, like new administrations, require change and a team to lead that change.

So suppose your organization does develop managers who can deal with change, take the reins and lead the way to future success.  What does that success look like?

One benefit you’ll see is increased productivity.  Maybe you’ve started with what is really just a simple change, such as introducing a cloud technology or a new piece of hardware in your manufacturing processes.  That’s fine.  It’s tangible and shows that your organization accepts the fact that your customer base is demanding more from you all the time — and you have to deliver.

You’ll also make and save more money.  It’s a natural outgrowth of increasing productivity and it’s why you’re in business, after all.  Whether you are sitting in the C-suite, running a project in the field, or developing a product for a new customer, you have a responsibility to increase the profitability of your organization.

A third benefit is enhanced production capability.  Remember the story of the goose that laid the golden egg?  Sometimes in business, we have a tendency to hold on to and squeeze everything we can from that old goose — that is, work our equipment or our people so hard that barely any benefit is left.  But if we’re open to change, we can instead look around and find new, smarter ways to increase our production capability, which will ultimately produce significant business results.

Every organization, every new leadership team, every new administration can benefit from an increase in productivity, saving more money and increasing their production capability.  It’s time to think about change leadership as a competency your team has to embrace.

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