The Secret of Keeping Your Employees Motivated

How do you keep your employees motivated in your company?

Everyone would like to work in an environment where their work is meaningful. Most staff would also like some degree of autonomy and their work has to have some level of complexity … it has to have a challenge.  If you can align this kind of work with a reward system that is clearly understood, consistently applied and appropriate for the marketplace, then you’ll find your employees are engaged and motivated.

An engaged employee has found a way to link what interests them with the opportunities that exist in the company.  Not enough opportunity and the employee will become frustrated.  Not enough interest on the employees part means they are in the wrong career field, wrong company or wrong job.  If there is little interest and little opportunity, you may just as well begin planning the clearance sales.  The goal is to align interest and opportunity … then you will begin to see all the benefits of an engaged employee!

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