The 2 Common Characteristics of Successful Organizations

What are the two common characteristics that successful organizations have and how can you learn from them and grow your business?

Think first of process.  All successful organizations have found ways to take even the most challenging and detailed work and turn it into a repeatable process.  Successful organizations can repeat their successes … over and over again.  They are able to define a process (or what we would call an operating model) and then replicate that over and over.  Their operating model is well defined, repeatable, teachable and profitable.

The second common characteristic is the ability to develop the next generation of leaders.  These are the leaders that will further define, clarify, improve and teach the operating model to the following generation of leaders.  They continually improve the model and are encouraged to do so.

Be clear on your operating model and then teach as many people as you can just how the company makes money!

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