Martin O’Neill is a member of a rare breed of speakers who can captivate and motivate an audience, yet is unflappable in his delivery and execution. As a CEO who has had Mr. O’Neill speak at numerous corporate events it is invaluable to have a speaker who can adapt his presentation style to both the dynamics of the people in attendance, but is also able to compress or extend his presentation to fill whatever time slot may be presented to him. I have witnessed Mr. O’Neill paint complex visual images onto a blank screen, while hotel staffs have scrambled to fix broken projectors.

Leo Fox CEO

Tenacity Solutions

Johnson Controls Building Efficiency division kicked off a transformative new strategy in 2013 to align the organization to better serve customers. Nearly 600 leaders were in attendance for a week of intensive meetings and training. Martin was brought in to present the “Act Like an Owner” concepts from his book to the leaders, demonstrating the ownership mentality we wanted them to employ to establish a culture of empowered and energized employees working together to better serve customers.

The extensive pre-work Marty did with various members of the planning team and JCI executives laid the foundation for his talk. But what really set his presentation apart was the time he spent just talking to the leaders in a social setting the night before he was to go on. Marty was able to use the information he received in those encounters to really relate the messages from his book to what the leaders in the room were being asked to do. It was an incredibly well-received talk, and his message was spot-on for our group.

Kris Palen Marketing Communications Manager

Johnson Controls

When hosting a seminar or panel and seeking a moderator/facilitator to lead the discussion, I seek a speaker that enthusiastically embraces the topic, can engage the audience into the discussion and arrives prepared to jumpstart the event – Martin O’Neill is this person. I have had the pleasure of Marty’s moderation of a number of panels and seminars directed to sophisticated business audiences. Marty smoothly and articulately initiates the discussion, frames the issues and bridges the gap between the speakers and the audience. I highly recommend Marty’s straightforward and genuine approach to the moderation and facilitation of meetings, seminars, panel, symposiums and the like. You won’t be disappointed!

Michael N. Mercurio, Esq. Pincipal and Chair, Business Law and Transactions Group

Offit│Kurman® Attorneys At Law

There are a lot of speakers out there who are very good. They make sense and have interesting things to say. Martin O’Neill is different.

Marty is an excellent author and  speaker. He makes a great deal of sense in his books and well mounted presentations. But unlike others, the information that Marty delivers is based on real experience. He has done the things he talks about and he has done them successfully.

Whether he participates on a panel, or is on the agenda for an hour or a whole day, Marty engages, informs and inspires his audiences to build value in their organizations and to create and sustain a successful ownership culture.

Paul Reicks Principal

Insight Peer Groups

Martin O’Neill was our keynote speaker at our Company’s annual leader’s conference. As a Company, we were seeking to change our culture to garner greater engagement and ownership from our staff. Marty’s insight into how to get our employees to act like owners by creating “an internal franchise” were perceptive, inspirational and entertaining. His depth of knowledge in this area is forward thinking and, almost three years later, are front and center in our culture today.

Ross E. Taubman, DPM President and Chief Medical Officer


Marty provided KSSI with consulting services from 2007-2009. Marty was a great asset as he provided business consultation in a wide range of areas to include identification of highly qualified management personnel resources, advice with business strategy, change management, and staff development, and he also facilitated business strategy workshops for us. His extensive knowledge, resources, and experiences were extremely helpful to me.

Jeanne Kimmich Roberts Advisory Board Member

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Windward looked for a leadership development program that would both broaden and deepen our pool of future leaders while challenging our current leadership team to better lead their teams, lead their clients and expand the business base – Marty O’Neill’s program did just that!

Sean McDermott CEO

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O’Neill will help you take an honest look at your company’s strengths and weaknesses as well as provide you the tools necessary to increase earnings and value.

Ray Schwemmer CEO

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Marty is a sharp and business savvy individual. He understands all aspects of running a business from the back office to strategic planning and execution. He is able to garner team support and get everyone focused on the tasks at hand in order to ensure success. Marty excels in the area of mergers/acquisition by looking at the books and ensuring that all details of the financials are documented properly so that maximum value can be achieved. Marty is one of the smartest business individuals I have every had the pleasure of working with and I highly recommend him.

Ed Grimes Co Owner, President

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