Martin O’Neill is a tremendous speaker who is able to simplify the complex. His style holds your attention, yet causes you to immediately contemplate your decision making processes simultaneously. I was fortunate to have him speak to a group of business owners and senior level executives and they were floored by his insights on succession planning and leadership development.

Leonardo McClarty President/CEO

Howard County Chamber of Commerce

Marty is an impressive speaker.  He engages with the audience, delivers an enthusiastic presentation backed by meaningful research and statistics. He made two presentations for my TAB Members and prospects, the first a lunch with 75 or so at a Country Club. The second was about 30 people in the back room of a bar. He handled both very well and earned a standing ovation at both. His knowledge of leadership comes through very clearly. All of the feedback was favorable and I had a dozen or more new prospective members to follow up with.

Glenn Flickinger

TAB - Pittsburgh

Martin is an inspirational Speaker who successfully combines knowledge transfer and passion for the subject he is presenting. He has a knack for keeping the audience focused by blending his personal insights and humor into the storyline so that the listeners come away feeling that they enjoyed the learning experience. Certainly I am pleased to recommend Martin as your next Speaker.

Simon Tutt President & CEO

DP Solutions

The NGL program is fantastic! It is a perfect way to foster a management mentoring program for my team. Members of my company take the class and each month we review what they learn. It is getting everyone involved thinking about how we can not only be better managers, but better leaders. It is easy to follow, reinforces concepts and uses real life examples. Overall it has completely improved the mentality of the future leaders of my company. It has been great for teaching and for team building.

Anna W. Gavin President

Fireline Corporation

Martin O’Neill is an excellent speaker. He develops an in-depth knowledge of his subject and presents the relevant information in a clear and meaningful way. His presentation is direct and to the point. Each time I have heard him speak, it has been a very worthwhile learning experience for me.

Carl Strobel President and CEO

Fiber Plus, Inc.

I have known Martin for five years and have had the opportunity to hear him speak to many different professional groups in the past. Our company recently organized a team building event, and I knew right away that I wanted Marty to be a key speaker to our employees at this event. Marty spoke on the topic of leadership and team engagement to a diverse group of employees. I was fascinated to see the engagement from employees at all levels of our organization. During the speaking engagement, Marty stayed on point, involved the audience, and garnered a standing ovation when he finished. Overall Marty’s speaking techniques allowed us to have a successful event that people still speak about a year later.

Paul L. Robertson President

Octagon Services, Inc. dba Tanks Direct

I have had the good fortune of working with Martin O’Neill for several years. Marty serves as a business coach, facilitator and confidant to me and the firm. I have also had the opportunity to hear Marty speak in front of various business groups on anything from leadership skills to facilitating a merger/acquisition. Marty’s speeches have been concise, easy to follow and understandable. For those reasons, he is able to keep the audience engaged. Sharing his real life business experiences with the audience helps to make the presentation “real” and not just “pie in the sky.”

I would recommend Marty O’Neill as a speaker to any audience regarding any business topic. You will not be disappointed.

Mark Cissell, CPA President/CEO

Martin O’Neill, in simple words, is a passionate and dynamic speaker. What makes him so appealing is the combination of a broad range of personal interests, combined with a passion for teaching that is conveyed with every story he tells.

Marty takes his storytelling to a new level. He captures your interest with the range of fascinating details about a subject and then with his carefully chosen words, paints a picture so vivid, when you recall it later, you’re convinced you were there at the original scene that he was describing.

One specific example comes to mind. I am not a natural numbers person. Talking about what you can learn from an in-depth study of a profit and loss statement, I never thought could be interesting. But Marty proves when you’re passionate about a subject you can take every day information and make it intriguing to learn about. Again, as I hear Marty talk about a company that I previously knew nothing about, I later I reflect and feel like I must have known about the growth of that company for years.

For me, these are the quantities of a gifted speaker that anyone would be lucky witness!

Lance Jaccard AIA, IIDA, LEED AP

OTJ Architects

The AAA National Office welcomed Martin O’Neill to speak to some of their business leaders at a recent AAA accounting conference. Marty’s dynamic presentation grabbed the attention of a group of accounting personnel and inspired them to look at themselves as leaders in their organization. He encouraged them to begin to think about what they can do in their respective organizations to improve not only their productivity, but the productivity of all employees. Marty’s energy and experiences made for an excellent presentation. Definitely, the best speaker at the conference!

Margaret McCormick CFO

AAA North Penn