Stocking Stuffer Ideas – 20 Classic Leadership Books

One of my favorite Christmas gifts to give or receive is a book.  It is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving.  Here is a list of my top 20 leadership books.  Some are academic, other are anecdotal in nature, while a few are written in a business fable format.

Buy one for yourself and one for the colleague you most relied on in 2011.   Merry Christmas.

  1. Lincoln on Leadership, Phillips, Warner Books
  2. The Servant Leader, Neushel, Visions
  3. Leadership Jazz, DePree, Currency Doubleday
  4. The Leadership Challenge, Kouzes Posner, Jossey-Bass
  5. Christian Reflections on the Leadership Challenge, Kouzes Posner, Jossey-Bass
  6. The Leader in You, Levine & Crom, Simon & Schuster
  7. Enlightened Leadership, Oakley & Krug, Simon & Schuster
  8. Leading Change, Kotter, HBS Press
  9. Reinventing Leadership, Bennis & Townsend, Morrow
  10. The Leadership Engine, Tichy, Harper Business
  11. Virtual Leadership, Kostner, Warner Books
  12. The Heart of a Leader, Blanchard, HB
  13. Only the Paranoid Survive, Grove, Currency Doubleday
  14. The Leader of the Future, Drucker Foundation, Jossey-Bass
  15. On Becoming a Servant Leader, Greenleaf, Jossey-Bass
  16. Leaders, Bennis & Nanus, Morow
  17. The Five Temptations of a CEO, Lencioni, Josey Bass
  18. The Leaders Guide to StoryTelling, Denning, Josey Bass
  19. Trusted Advisor, Maister, Free Press
  20. Empowerment Takes More Than A Minute, Blanchard, Carlos, Randolph, BK

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