Timeless Principles of Exceptional Businesses: Shared Wisdom from 25 Years of TAB
ASIN: 0996667202

The aggregate wisdom in these 25 principles represents the knowledge of hundreds of years of business leaders who have been in the trenches and have the stars and scars to prove it. If you are leader in a small to mid market company and feel you could benefit from those that have gone before you - pick up this book.

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About the Book

The Alternative Board (TAB) is a global business advisory organization that helps forward-thinking business owners grow their businesses, increase profitability and improve their lives by leveraging local business advisory boards, private coaching and proprietary strategic services. As part of its 25 year anniversary TAB has accumulated this volume of 25 timeless principles that exceptional businesses incorporate into their strategy, culture and operations. These lasting principles have been gathered by working with tens of thousands of business owners across the world in the past 25 years. Whether you run a new, home-based start-up or a third generation family business, this book will provide you with insights and empower you to take concrete steps to significantly improve your business and your life.

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