Five Steps to Meeting Expectations on the Job

From time to time, I lend a hand in interviewing candidates for senior level positions with client companies.  The challenge that consistently requires clarification for both parties (candidate and employer) is “expectations.”

Bruce Ballengee, the CEO of Pariveda Solutions of Dallas, Texas has a passion for clarity of expectations. He has made expectations explicit by creating an “expectations frame­work.” This framework exists for everyone in the company and very clearly describes what is required to advance. It’s not an evaluation or a commentary on what you’ve done but, rather, a road map for what you need to do to progress.

As an IT consulting firm, Pariveda places great significance on its entrepreneurial employees doing things the Pariveda way. If you are a candidate ready and willing to become a consultant at Pariveda, you’ll have clear expectations in the following five categories:

  1. Effectiveness—Can you solve problems and work with people?
  2. Business of information technology—Is your knowledge increasing, and are you sharing your knowledge?
  3. Others first—Are you coaching, mentoring, and serving the community?
  4. Relationships and sales—Have you developed an account plan?
  5. Leadership—Do you have the key leadership attributes that will serve the company stakeholders, as well as contribute to your personal development?

By clarifying expectations early in process, Pariveda facilitates career growth and delivers more value to its clients.

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