Employee Engagement – Be Interested in What Their Interests Are

One of my favorite questions to ask in our public workshops are the questions on the topic of employee engagement.  We’ll cover the material on how well a supervisor or manager has aligned the interest level of the employee with the opportunities that exist within the company.  Of course, the basis for determining whether an employee is engaged in their daily work is to first know what really interests them.  So the trick question is “what interests the members of your team?”  There is not a great deal of rocket science or clairvoyant behavior required to divine the answer.  It is pretty simple … you have to ask.

So before you close the doors this week, before you call it a day on Friday, before you turn out the last light or send in the last weekly report – make sure you’ve spent the time to get to know each of your team members just a bit better.

What interests your team?


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