Do you have “I’d like to thank the Academy” sydnrome?

It’s great when companies get awards – everybody feels good. The problem is that the red carpet fever can infect the leader. When business leaders get awards like “Entrepreneur of the Year” or “Top 40 Executives under 40” or an invitation to the Young Presidents Organization or similar groups, they have an unfortunate tendency to believe that they accomplished single-handedly all of their company’s success. This is a sure way to alienate the team. One suffocating ego is all it takes to destroy an otherwise successful business.

A quick test of your leadership narcissism is to visit your web site.  Image you are a prospective customer or employee.  Are there lots of pictures, video testimonials and references from your employees about what a great place this is to work?  Are there success stories from your client base?  Are there compelling reasons why someone should do business with you?

Company awards are wonderful, but if they are not team awards, how meaningful are they really?  Being voted as a great place to work, or the greenest company or fastest growing all says something about the entire business entity.  Individual awards at times have a negative impact on the workplace culture.

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