• Next Generation Leaders (2016)

    Your long-term business success is dependent upon the development of your Next Generation Leaders. Why leave this to chance?

    The Next Generation Leaders is designed to help you understand today’s business climate by developing the skills needed to form and lead teams effectively, become a trusted advisor to your stakeholders and help you shape and grow your business. Next Generation Leaders will benefit team leaders, project and program managers, practice leads, field supervisors, future leaders, and anyone who has an interest in growing their leadership skills.

    We are very proud to announce that Next Generation Leaders has recently been named a 2016 Foreword INDIES Winner!

    “This is a book that belongs on the shelf of an aspiring or established leader in any industry.”

    – US Review (Read Full Review)

  • Building Business Value (2009)

    Are You Building Maximum Value in Your Business?

    Why do some companies sell for a superpremium price while others don’t? And if you are an executive of a midsized company, what do you need to be doing right now to build business value and command the highest possible price for your company?

    Successful business leader Martin O’Neill says it’s time for leaders of midsized companies to make building business value their number-one priority.

    Building Business Value presents helpful tools and strategies for executives, founders, managers, and entrepreneurs of companies with revenues from $5 million to $100 million to build premium value in their company.

    Discover how to:

    • Assess your current situation
    • Paint a compelling picture of the future
    • Build alignment among the leadership regarding that future
    • Develop specific transformational initiatives that will build real value
  • The Power Of An Internal Franchise (2011)

    Unlock the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Your Entire Workforce

    What if all your employees clearly understood the purpose of your business and focused all their energies on making it successful? Imagine the possibilities if everyone in your
    organization started thinking and acting like an owner of the business.

    The Power of an Internal Franchise offers the tools and strategies to build an ownership culture, put it to work in your business, and share the rewards of ownership with everyone.

    You’ll discover how to:

    • Find and keep engaged and entrepreneurial employees
    • Brand your workplace and create a destination for employees
    • Define your company’s operating model and then share it with your employees
    • Link employee behavior with business performance
    • Focus your entire organization on a business goal
  • Act Like An Owner (1999)

    A complete plan for implementing an ownership program, Act Like An Owner is an action guide to building a culture of employee ownership within an organization. Authors Blonchek and O’Neill, who use this approach as part of their consulting practice, are the first to detail how to implement such a program company-wide. In this book, they introduce the concept of the internal franchise and show how it is much more compelling than employee empowerment. The authors explain how to link each element of the company’s success to the individual employee through the internal franchise framework. They also illustrate how the program helps to elevate the open-book management approach by emphasizing the importance of community and culture.