Martin O’Neill, in simple words, is a passionate and dynamic speaker. What makes him so appealing is the combination of a broad range of personal interests, combined with a passion for teaching that is conveyed with every story he tells.

Marty takes his storytelling to a new level. He captures your interest with the range of fascinating details about a subject and then with his carefully chosen words, paints a picture so vivid, when you recall it later, you’re convinced you were there at the original scene that he was describing.

One specific example comes to mind. I am not a natural numbers person. Talking about what you can learn from an in-depth study of a profit and loss statement, I never thought could be interesting. But Marty proves when you’re passionate about a subject you can take every day information and make it intriguing to learn about. Again, as I hear Marty talk about a company that I previously knew nothing about, I later I reflect and feel like I must have known about the growth of that company for years.

For me, these are the quantities of a gifted speaker that anyone would be lucky witness!

Lance Jaccard AIA, IIDA, LEED AP

OTJ Architects