Johnson Controls Building Efficiency division kicked off a transformative new strategy in 2013 to align the organization to better serve customers. Nearly 600 leaders were in attendance for a week of intensive meetings and training. Martin was brought in to present the “Act Like an Owner” concepts from his book to the leaders, demonstrating the ownership mentality we wanted them to employ to establish a culture of empowered and energized employees working together to better serve customers.

The extensive pre-work Marty did with various members of the planning team and JCI executives laid the foundation for his talk. But what really set his presentation apart was the time he spent just talking to the leaders in a social setting the night before he was to go on. Marty was able to use the information he received in those encounters to really relate the messages from his book to what the leaders in the room were being asked to do. It was an incredibly well-received talk, and his message was spot-on for our group.

Kris Palen Marketing Communications Manager

Johnson Controls