Join Martin O’Neill and get on track to improving your leadership skills with Twelve, 90-Minute Online Workshops.

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About The Training

The Next Generation Leader program is designed for team leaders, project and program managers, newly named or future leaders, division managers and anyone that has an interest in growing their leadership skills.

Free Training Lesson

This sample lesson covers one session in the Client Leadership chapter, “Leading Stakeholders.” In this session, you’ll learn the best ways to build trust and establish relationships with the people who mean the most to your business. In the full training, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with the instructor and ask any questions you have.

NGL Learning Outcomes

Developing the next generation of leaders is one of the primary responsibilities of an organization. The NGL program is logically divided into three stages. Each 60- to 90-minute course consists of 3-6 online lessons that contain multiple formats to keep participants engaged, along with a final review assessment.

  • Staff Leadership

    Leading Change
    Leading Teams
    Developing a Culture of Ownership
    Finding and Keeping Engaged Employees

  • Client Leadership

    Becoming a Trusted Advisor
    Leading Stakeholders
    Getting Your Point Across and Making it Stick

  • Growing the Business

    Customer Touch Points
    Connecting – Building Relationships
    Extending and Expanding the Business
    Becoming an Effective Speaker

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