The Next Generation Leader Program

Offering an online training program that helps you grow your staff, better serve your clients and build your business.

"Martin O’Neill provides the blueprint for leading employees and organizations to greatness."
Chris Hayes, Chairman, Revere Bank

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Next Generation Leaders

From the author of Building Business Value, Martin O’Neill

The Next Generation Leaders is designed to help you understand today’s business climate by developing the skills needed to form and lead teams effectively, become a trusted advisor to your stakeholders and help you shape and grow your business. Next Generation Leaders will benefit team leaders, project and program managers, practice leads, field supervisors, future leaders, and anyone who has an interest in growing their leadership skills.

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Join Martin O’Neill and get on track to improving your leadership skills with Twelve, 90-Minute Online Workshops

The Next Generation Leader program is designed for team leaders, project and program managers, newly named or future leaders, division managers and anyone that has an interest in growing their leadership skills.

  • Grow Your Staff
  • Better Serve Your Clients
  • Build Your Business

Speaking & Seminars

Strategy Management Keynote Presentations

Martin O’Neill has spoken to a wide audience on the topics of Building Value, Leadership Development, Business Transformation and Building an Ownership Culture.

If you are interested in a keynote presentation on one of these topics, please contact us.

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